WordPlus is a course that offers in depth theological teaching across - five Saturdays a year over two years to give an overview of Scripture and theology. Each training day consists of typically six hours of lectures.

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It is a rolling two year course however you register for each year separately. On the course you get excellent quality teaching from a variety of guest speakers from various churches.


Among the topics you will be looking into are:

  • The greatness of God

  • Church History

  • Man’s fall and God’s grace

  • Ephesians; Spiritual Warfare

  • Eschatology (the future)

Now recruiting for the 2017/18 academic year for WordPlus as a part of Home Counties Commission based at Open Door Church Centre, Sunbury this year starting the Year 2 of the syllabus to run Year 1 during 2018/19
Commission Home Counties have been running this course for 15 years and hundreds of Christians have grasped to a much deeper level the wonders of their God, his character, his ways and his destiny for them as his children.
To find out more and download an application forms visit http://www.commission-together.org/what-we-do/training/wordplus.aspx