Here are our most recent Sunday preaches and link to our preaching series during the previous twelve months. Older talks are available from our media page.

Jonah the Authentic Biblical Prophet (download)
Do not flee from the face to face presence of God. We can be in the house but not with the Father. You did run well, who has hindered you that you no longer obey the truth? God wants you, God has plans for you, God doesn’t want you to be nominal, a nominal prophet or a nominal child he wants the real thing for you. Is God calling you to give him your life? Will you respond to him?
Terry Virgo, 21/05/2017
11 Building Together. Courageous Leadership (download)
Throw the enemy out. Give god your best - Resources: Money, Time, Talents. Direct your family to god’s ways. Purify yourself… Fresh Courage…
Malcolm Kayes, 14/05/2017
Sending (download)
Are you ready to be sent by almighty God to the highways and bye ways this week, this year, this life for Jesus Christ? S - The Holy Spirit Matters. Does it matter to you? E - Eyes Matter. What are you looking at? Look at the King who will lead you to the mission field. N. Neighbours Matter. Witness to them about Jesus' life, death and resurrection. D. Discipleship Matters. Who is discipling you? Who are you Discipling? You need all 4 to be a sent person.
Guy Miller, 07/05/2017
Who do you say that I am? (download)
Dean Guy, 30/04/2017
10 Building Together. Dedication and Celebration (download)
Malcolm Kayes, 23/04/2017
What the risen Jesus Offers - Peace, Joy, Purpose and Power (download)
Malcolm Kayes, 16/04/2017


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Nehemiah -
Building together
Go Fish va
Go Fish
Faster, Higher, Stronger
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When you Pray..
Love of God sm
Love of God
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iPsalms2 - Meet the King
All together now
All Together Now
Pass it on sm

Pass it On

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The Good Fight

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Miracles in your Desert

Money Sex and Power

Money, Sex and Power