Here are our most recent Sunday preaches and link to our preaching series during the previous twelve months. Older talks are available from our media page.

03. In His Presence. God Became Flesh (download)
Has your relationship with your earthly Father been a help or hindrance in the way you relate to your heavenly Father? Do you struggle with knowing and receiving God as their Heavenly Father? If so, pray asking the Holy Spirit to pour the Father’s love into your heart.
Malcolm Kayes, 18/06/2017
“Amazing Grace, How Sweet The Sound” (download)
What kind of relationship does God seek with you? What do you believe about yourself? What does the Bible say about who you are in Jesus? What di?erence does an understanding of grace make to our lives and to the way we share our faith with others? Steve concluded with the question he started with. What kind of relationship does God seek with you?
Steve Petch, 11/06/2017
02. In His Presence .... The Burning Bush and Tent of Meeting (download)
Being Sent… God sends us to the place of need The mission is often looks impossible It will require a leap of faith Moses heard the call from God and responded "Here I am" (Ex.3:4). When did you last hear God calling you?
Nnamdi Anyaegbunam, 04/06/2017
01. In His Presence ... In The Garden (download)
James Mellor, 28/05/2017
Jonah the Authentic Biblical Prophet (download)
Terry Virgo, 21/05/2017
11 Building Together. Courageous Leadership (download)
Malcolm Kayes, 14/05/2017


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